A Space Gallery - Toronto
June 20 - July 27, 1996

The 'Unhumankind' exhibition brought together four artists whose work addresses the positioning of animals according to human use value systems. Works exhibited were diverse in media and scale - from a web project by Camille Turner, mechanical wire sculptures by Veronica Verkley, large scale paintings by Carel Moiseiwitsch to mixed media/installation pieces by Michael Alstad.

Photo documentation: Peter Macallum

Top: 'Nest Series' : Installation - 5 stands made of iron and plaster that resemble elongated bird legs. Each stand holds nest made of human hair with cast resin egg containing miniature metal globe of the earth. Syringe hanging above by fishing line.

Bottom:'Hybrid #4': Mixed Media: Stretched latex rubber with image transfers on routered wooden frame. Cast latex objects beneath of chicken, fish, and human ears.

photo documentation: Barbara Greczny

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