Symbiosis Collective
September 15 - October 7, 1995

Symbiosis took over a site that had previously been occupied by The Institute for Restorative, Cosmetic & Liposuction Surgery, whose owners saw the urgency to relocate following the negative publicity and subsequent inquest into the death of their patient Toni Sullivan. The Clinic was the first opportunity for Symbiosis topresent a unified perspective on themes such as body image, beauty-fetishism,
the medical industrial complex and its ethical shortcomings.

From left to right:

Examine/Expose: plaster cast figure, labcoats with image transfers, video

Beauty Bags: clay letters in bags containing silicon gel. drawers contain private patient files left behind by previous tenants.

Beauty Bags: detail
(letter B inside drawer containing decomposing silicon)

photo documentation: Barbara Greczny