Site Specific Exhibition @ Festival Hall Construction Site
June 11 - December, 1998

The site specific installations by six artists (Michael Alstad, Martha Eleen, Bartley Harnett, Janet Hethrington, Victoria Scott and Steve Topping) offered the public an unusual way to experience a construction site. The work was fully integrated into the private side of the hoarding and was viewed from the public space through the windows cut into the plywood. The installations revealed the history of the neighbourhood, the conceptual idea of 'viewing/seeing', and the tension between history, development, construction and de-construction.

From left to right:

'On Stage: The Barracks
scale model: plastic, wood, metal plugs, aluminum and paint. Model of popular gay bathhouse across the street from site, propped on a stage inside glass box.

Sweet Disco
$60 worth of candy from Sugar Mountain across the street and a $10 disco ball from Active Surplus create the sweetest disco in the Richmond/John nite club disctrict.

Global Culture'
acrylic, styrofoam, paper, map pins, and feathers. Seven small voodoo globes of the earth resting on a bed of feathers are pierced with pins that spell out the word C*U*L*T*U*R*E .

Animation of monthly construction progress

photo documentation: Peter Macallum