Exhibited as part of Teletaxi in Montreal, Interval is an exploration of two historically significant Montreal sites; an abandoned tramway tunnel that linked two regions separated by the Lachine Canal, and a three block stretch of Rue St. Jacque where Canada’s first banks and mercantile houses still stand. Capturing traces of physical and emotional states specific to each location the videos blend footage shot during repeated visits to each site over a 6 month period. From an underground utilitarian space transformed by decay and graffiti to architectural details of highly ornamental Romaneque stone reliefs symbolic of the opulence of 19th century capitalism, Interval temporarily reveals hidden and overlooked urban spaces lying immediately under and above the sight-line of the taxi passenger while navigating through the two mapped locations.

Interval was created through the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Return to the Mothership
2003 - 3min

‘Return to the Mothership’ is a site-specific 2 channel video by Michael Alstad and Vancouver artist Kelty Miyoshi McKinnon shown at the 'Derelict Sensation' exhibition at St. Pancras Chambers, London. The work consists of footage gathered from a secret urban infiltration into two of Canada’s important railway hotels - The Royal York and the Empress - both built in the same era and according to similar architectural ideas of the Midland Grand Hotel at St. Pancras. While the Mothership, St Pancras, is currently derelict and unused, the Canadian hotels which were built following Scott’s "chateau-style” design to mark the progress of the transcontinental railway, remain very much thriving and luxurious.Check out some pics of the awesome St. Pancras Hotel site!
MAP <Multiple Architectures Platform>
2003 - 2min 15 sec.

MAP is an ongoing series of videos/animations that examine the mutation of specific urban sites in Toronto documented over multiple time frames and perspectives. MAP was part of TeleTaxi, a site-specific media art exhibition in a taxicab. The taxi was outfitted with an interactive touch screen that displays video, animations, music, and information triggered by an onboard GPS (Global Positioning System). The satellite signal received by the GPS influenced the work based on the position of the taxi in the city.
2002 - 15 sec.

Andy Warhol created the seminal film Blow Job in 1964. He extended the duration of his early silent works by having them projected at a slower rate than what it was originally shot at (16 frames per second instead of 24). 15 SECOND BLOW JOB premiered at the Transmedia 2002 festival in Toronto where each artist had a 15 second time limit for their works to be screened on a public video billboard. Commenting on the ephemeral nature of media and celebrity culture, Alstad had to speed things up a bit - the 35 minute Blow Job was condensed into 15 seconds - the duration of a standard video billboard ad slot. Check out the Transmedia site in beautiful downtown Toronto.

2001 - 4 min.

The PATH system is a confusing 10km underground network below Toronto's financial district connecting hundreds of subterranean retail outlets, banks, food courts, and investment houses through a series of pedestrian walkways.The video was furtively shot during lunch hour on Valentines Day, February 14, 2001 - the same day that the Toronto Stock Exchange saw a huge decline and sell off of high tech stocks through the worlds largest fibre optic company, Canada's Nortel Networks. The frenetic atmosphere arising from a combination of love consumerism and stock market fallout has been condensed into a snappy 4 minute digital video.
Catalogue Essay - Paola Poletto

2000 - 3 min. 15sec.

A single channel site-specific video installation in the Fly Gallery window was an important exhibition of the few remaining symbolic holdouts of gentrification; neighbourhood pussies in storefront windows! From Betty at ZSA ZSA, Rocky and Miso at SHE SAID BOOM to the Fly Galleries own resident feline, Dyna - a video loop of these contented kitties ran 24/7 for the month of December 2000. Interested multinational fashion outlets may purchase copies of the video for their own windows - creating the funky atmosphere of 20th century indi-stores without the threat of hazardous danders or inconvenience to customers!



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