GUAGE: socially engaged media
by Jennifer La Fontaine and Camille Turner


Here is a brief list of resources, research and community based media projects. Please contact us if you have projects that you would like to share.


New media, 'community art', and activism. is an interview with community artist/activists Natalie Bookchin and Brendan Jackson by Beryl Graham co-editor of Crumb, a net based new media curatorial resource.  

In Progress is a media arts program for youth and emerging artists of colour in Minnesota who want to tell their stories, histories or make personal or political statements. They provide workshops, residencies, equipment such as: digital cameras, software, computers, critique and open lab sessions.

The Public is a centre West Bromwich, England which has been developing community media arts projects and facilitating artist/community collaborations with various populations such as seniors, youth, and homleess people for thirty years.

Mongrel is an art/hactivist collective based in the UK who create software, art and workshops for communities all over the world who have been locked out of the technological mainstream.

The Container Project is a mobile media lab in rural Jamaica coordinated by mervin Jarman, from Mongrel. mervin grew up in this community and after establishing himself as an artist/hactivist, came back to his community to set up this unique project where he brings technology to the streets.

Regent Park Focus is a media arts program for youth in Regent Park, Canada's oldest and largest social housing community. The youth make videos and films, host their own radio show, write, edit and distribute a community newspaper

The Story Project is a collaborative project between InterAccess Electronic Media arts Centre and Central Neighbourhood House resulting in a website and exhibition by a group of diverse women from a culturally diverse community in Toronto.

Centre for Digital Storytelling is a non-profit organization that has developed a methodology to teach digital storytelling to organizations and individuals. They are engaged in research, training and disseminating community digital storytelling resources.

Digital Griot is an organization dedicated to helping African-Americans reclaim the African tradition of the Griot/storyteller and use digital of media to connect with and express their histories and personal stories.

Media Art Projects (MAP) is a London based non-profit that manages and initiates artistic and cultural projects related to media and communication technologies including a series of workshops and events that emphasise skill-sharing, promoting non-commercial uses of new technologies and building local networks.

The Waag Society for Old and New Media is based in Amsterdam. This international organization researches and creates a variety of technologies that engage communities.

Community-Linux Training Centre is a mobile computer training facility developed by The Free Range Network for use with community groups. It uses networked re-cycled computers and the Gnu/Linux operating system, as a demonstration platform for low cost and 'low tech.' computing.

Festival of Community Media takes place annually in Sheffield, UK. Organized by the Community Media Association, it provides an exhibition, screenings and opportunities for practitioners of communitiy media to meet and share information.

Locus+ is a UK based visual arts commissioning organization working with artists on the production and presentation of socially engaged, collaborative projects, primarily for non-gallery locations.

Cybermohalla is an experimental collaborative project for the creation of nodes of popular digital culture in Delhi between Ankur, a Delhi based NGO and Sarai, the New Media & Urban Culture Programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India.