ENIGMA N2 - Jim Andrews

Enigma n2 is an interactive visual/sound poetry project by Jim Andrews.Enigma n2 is related to sound poetry, generative music, and audio editing software. The sound is very stereo. Best on good speakers or a headset, up loud. With no interaction, it selects a random part of the sound to play a random number of times between 1 and 6. With
interaction, you select the starting point of the sound.

The progression from Jim Andrew's Enigma (1998) to Enigma2 (2002) is the progression from an earlier art of the Web to a later art of the Web and from a poetry that relates more to visual and concrete poetry to work that relates more to software art, generative music, and sound poetry. Both pieces are concerned with the way work means in the art of the web, and the directions for poetry on the web.

Project, instuctions and source code at:


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