Individual experience is often alien to the course of history, frequently by-passed by its panoramic, strange to determining causes.


GU XIONG of course, is not only an artist aware of his own situation in the historical process, but an active agent in clarifying, questioning, and expropriating the legacy of Postmodern art. Purposefully locating his work within that context.

Gu Xiong filters two ideologies {some would say two dogmas} through his personal dislocation/relocation, and in his search for bridges, he proposes interpretations that neither by-pass the panoramic of cultural geopolitics, nor are they strange to the causes that determine it.



text by harold ortiz











photography by

bill braithwaite

With his current exhibition at A space, Gu Xiong articulates a cultural junction that in spite of its panoramic view [MAOIST CHINA/POP ART/CULTURAL ASSIMILATION/CORPORATE/SELF IDENTITY] focuses persistently on the personal dilemma of reshaping a life with the intruments of capitalism while retaining one's very raison d'etre.


In Gu Xiong's work, the smallest of gestures, domestic anecdotes, the most humble fragments, are re-articulated and reconstituted into coherent markers, that bridge the cliff between geopolitics and personal destiny, between the anonimity of the subject and the rebelliousness of the creative self.