But the Big Cat stood there and he said,this is good. This is what they should do and I knew that they would. With a little more help, all the work will be done. They need one more cat. And I know just the one.
- Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Francis LeBouthillier, 'Cat-in-the-hat'; submerges himself in a tank with live eels to confront his inner demons :0 (eek!) He produces provocative, interactive installations involving sculpture, technology, and performance. He locates installations in non-conventional public sites, designing them in a way that reflects existing architectural elements and structures and simultaneously calls into question conventional associations with the particular site.

Here I am more at home, in this watery terrain.

His work grew out of an impulse: to negotiate a relationship; a perception of that, to literally get in the box with the demons/fears, to see what it was like. Outcome; "it wasn't too bad." He felt an embryonic peacefulness-curled in the fetal position-naked- with the sound of his own breathing, and oh yeah, his immanent struggle for survival. This cat is pawing away on his next show, lunacy: a trip to the moon, which hopes to explore what happens to this thing called 'human' when we are outside the stratosphere of earth; weightless without oxygen what becomes human quickly dissolves-(gender/race/etc.)

In other words...we blow up.

After reviewing the contents of the 'box', I found the cat very much alive; grinning away singing 'It can be done...we can do anything, anything under the sun.'

So, if we, like Pandora need to explore, because it leads us to all sorts of fascinating discoveries, not the least being -self discovery- then in the words of Graham Smith, we better stand back 'cause "the things I make usually blow up!

Whether they blow up bridges or open up boxes, these 'cats', attempt to communicate to other sentinent beings. Graham wants to try communicating with dolphins (cat and fish together in a symbiotic relationship?).

Why shouldn't we try to communicate/talk to the animals? If we did manage to learn their language, what would we say to them.

I'd want to know if they dream of humans. :)



the robot, the artist and several eels
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