An interactive CD-ROM of vignettes and audio texts accompanies the photographs. Although presented together, both audio and/or video provide oblique approaches to information or narration. Their non-linearity further complicates and frustrates any attempt to decipher absolute meaning from the work. However, within each vignette are threads that, when woven together, elucidate and reveal the facts surrounding the compulsions behind and processes of the work. These are available to the viewer willing to engage in a forensic reading of the clues present within the work, in relation to the viewers' own response to the work.

Sharpe enlisted the services of private investigators to follow her at different occasions in different cities. However, the investigators were not aware that the woman they were hired to follow was the same woman that commissioned them. Providing the investigators through an intermediary with a camera and film to record the physical evidence, they were instructed to take photographs of the places she had been, but at night, in her absence, between midnight and 3 a.m.