Like the viewer, Sharpe becomes an investigator searching the resulting photographs for presence or information that will induce recollection or elicit meaning. However, the inability to recollect or recreate a narrative predominates as a result of the absence of evidence in the photographs, coupled with the blurring of truth and fiction in the audio piece. This is further confused by Sharpe's own memory, and the trust perhaps misplaced in the investigators, as she is often unable to pinpoint the locations or events that impelled each photograph. Sharpe manipulates what is perceptible as truth or reality and fiction. Ultimately, the photographs as evidence are perhaps useless, as they can neither confirm nor deny her ever being present.


Artist: P.Elaine Sharpe
Words: Natalie De Vito
Place: Art Gallery of York University
Time: May 5-10, 2000
Documentation: Michael Alstad

Natalie De Vito, April 2000 Natalie De Vito received her MA from York University in 1999. She is an independent critic and writer.

P. Elaine Sharpe is an artist who has shown both nationally and internationally. This body of work represents the culmination of P. Elaine Sharpe's residency in the MFA program at York University.


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