Harold Alegria-Ortiz was born in Nicaragua and lived in Panama and Mexico City before emigrating to Canada in 1988. He has studied graphic design at the faculty of Architecture, Panama and virtual animation and set design at the Information Technology Design Centre of the University of Toronto. In 1994 Alegria-Ortiz joined the Symbiosis Collective of Artists and produced several site-specific projects and exhibitions. In 1998 Alegria-Ortiz collaborated with Michael Alstad in a electronic web-based piece that was selected to participate in the Pandaemonium Festival of the Moving image in London, UK. He also showed web-based installations at the Sync Festival of Video and New Media in Toronto and the Mix Festival of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video in New York City. His digital work is available in digital archives such as Digimatter in Australia and The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Alegria-Ortiz has also has written several pieces for the electronic journal YEAR01 Forum as well as several exhibition catalogue essays. He co-organised the Transmedia 2000 Festival with members of the YEAR ZERO ONE Collective. Mr. Alegria-Ortiz resides in Toronto, Canada.