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Michael Alstad is a Toronto based artist and curator working in installation and digital media. He is a founding member of the Canadian artist collectives Year Zero One and Symbiosis. Michael has co-ordinated several site-specific projects in Toronto including The Clinic(95), The Bank of Symbiosis(97), The Hoarding Project(98, the Transmedia video billboard exhibitions(00, 02) and teletaxi (03). His web/video works have been included in many international media arts festivals and on-line projects. Michael’s current and upcoming exhibitions in 2003 include: Territories: A kinetic sculpture and library intervention at the Cambridge Galleries - Cambridge, Ontario and The Derelict Sensation: A site-specific video installation at St. Pancras Chambers a derelict neo-gothic masterpiece next to Kings Cross Station that once housed the Midland Grand Hotel. – London, UK
Isabelle Hayeur lives and works in Montreal. She is working primarily in photography and video. She also realized Net art projects and site-specific works. Hayeur’s work questions the impact of western development models on environment and invites us to think about the states of the landscape. The unknown, or unknowable, places she fabricates by blending different sites into a single territory, draw attention to the non-places that surround us. She has shown her work in the context of various group and solo exhibitions, in particular at Hippolyte Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), The Ottawa Art Gallery, Gallery 44 (Toronto), VU (Quebec City), Skol (Montreal) and at the Rimouski Regional Museum. Her videos were screened at numerous festivals and presentations. In 2001, she received The Contact Prize for Emerging Photography Artist for her participation at Le Mois de la Photo.
Gernot Wieland is a Berlin based artist working with drawings, collages and video, mainly animations.He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and Berlin. In his installations - most often site specific - he deals with the fragility of physical and social structures as well as private experiences and how they relate to themes such as communication and isolation. His work has been showed in Vienna, Berlin, London, New York and most recently in Zürich, where he was in an artist in residence programm in 2002.
David Jhave Johnston is a multimedia-poet currently living in Montreal. Among other artistic activities, he has exhibited site-specific installations with the Symbiosis Collective, written and directed multi-media theatre with the Collective Unconscious Collective, recorded spoken-word electronica for the now-defunct underground ZOI label, contributed to a CD-ROM project entitled Navigateur, modified video for the Transmedia2002 festival, completed a music video for Brian Sanderson, workedas research assistant for Obx Active-Text project and spoken sporadically at conferences on webart.
Camille Turner is a media/performance artist and cultural producer. She recently participated as part of a group of international artists in Interaktions-Labor, a media arts research project in an abandoned coal mine in Göttelborn, a small village in Germany. She also participated as a collaborator with The Container Project initiated and oordinated by Mervin Jarman of the UK based art/activist group Mongrel The Container Project is a 40 foot shipping container which has been customized with donated and salvaged computers and converted into a mobile media arts lab. She has recently completed a one year curatorial residency at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Gallery in Toronto, Canada where she organised exhibitions, workshops and events that explore the social dimensions of technology. She is currently engaged in an ongoing series of site-specific interventions by a persona she invented called Miss Canadiana, a beauty queen that represents Canadian identity
Michelle Kasprzak is an award-winning artist, researcher and lecturer currently investigating interdisciplinary practice, performance and collaboration. Through her role as faculty with the Canadian Film Centre's new media programmes, she develops and delivers curriculum that explores the crossroads where technology meets performance. Michelle is an accomplished public speaker, having lectured about her work and research across North America. Her lectures and artwork are frequently featured in international media, most recently appearing on the Independent Film Channel, Media Television, and Fashion Television. Her solo artwork and collaborations have been exhibited across Europe, North America, and virtual space. In 2001, she was honoured with the InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre Emerging Electronic Artist award.

The products, services and experiences that Michelle develops as art emerge from her ongoing research. With her artistic and pedagogical pursuits as inspiration, Michelle is researching the integration of performance art and technology, prototyping techniques, and hybrid environments. She is currently attending the Université du Québec à Montréal, obtaining her Maîtrise en Arts Visuels et Médiatiques (M.A.). She is a recipient of an Ontario Fellowship for Studying in French.
Jim Ruxton received his M.A.Sc in electrical engineering at the University of Ottawa in 1988. Between 1988 and 1991 he worked as an engineer designing various satellite communication devices. In 1991 he went to the Ontario College of Art and Design to explore combining electronics and art. In 1993 he graduated with an A.O.C.A and was chosen as a medal recipient. Since 1993 he has worked in Toronto as an engineer/artist bringing electronics into various fields of the arts. He is the sole proprietor of Cinematronics, a company created to service the film special effects industry. His electronic props and special devices have been used in numerous films and T.V. series. As well as creating his own installation art he collaborates in the areas of dance, theatre and film to create interactive kinetic environments, allowing the viewers or performers to alter the space. He has collaborated with a number of well known Canadian artists Jim has designed a number of special machines for creating specific effects including a device which produces a moving projection effect for Atom Egoyan’s opera Salome and special motor controllers for pyrotechnics on the last KISS world tour. He has also produced the electronics for exhibits at the Boston Museum of Science, the Royal Ontario Museum the Vancouver Science Centre and recently the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art. His varied interests led him to be a co-founder of the annual "Subtle Technologies Conference" a conference that blurs the boundaries between art and science. Jim was awarded 2 Dora awards in 2002 for set and lighting design for his work in Fides Kruker’s production of The Girl With No Door On Her Mouth. He was recently awarded a patent for a new type of lighting system that he hopes will rid the world of "icicle lights" .