keywords = generative art, mobility, airport architecture, data visualisation, flight patterns, air travel, collaborative networks, second life, mapping, google earth, rendition flights, gaming

Arrivals and Departure
Daniel Shiffman
A generative artwork that visualizes real-time travel information through the lens of a viewer’s image. For the last several years, I have been working on interactive video artworks that generate an abstracted representation of a viewer’s image using concepts from mathematics, physics, and biology. In the projects below, each visualisation is generated by a system of simple rules, such as the behavior of bees swarming or cells living and dying on a grid.
I am currently exploring new ways to affect the behavior of these systems with real-time data and would enjoy having the chance to develop an installation specifically related to air travel.

Terminal Icons
David Clark, Jeff Howard, Chris Mendis, Shelley Simmons
A series of interactive flash animations using exclusively the icons found in airport signage. The work will be a witty and playful exploration that will appeal to children and adults alike. Using the reduced black and white figures will make the project inviting and familiar. The piece will not use language so that the project is accessible for a wider audience. Animations will be played as the project is in a waiting state, however, as users interact with the project they will be able to delve deeper into the narrative

KD Thornton
Each departing plane’s destination is composited from Toronto via google earth. During arrival at the destination a composite layer is briefly given opacity priority, for a represented view of every departing planes arrival. The flight number, etc is displayed across the bottom of the screen. Work responds to altitude and privileges the moments when the earth becomes closer, moving again within our visual range. High number of planes always airborne necessitates their arrivals as the focus [composite would be very muddy otherwise]. Since there is a limited number of destinations [lots, but limited], google earth zooms could be cached locally.

Dual Term
Erik Adigard and Chris Salter
Dual Term is an online installation that uses the platform of the 3-D virtual world Second Life. The project situates itself in the complex territory between physical reality and its simulacra within 3-D simulations, gaming environments and other data-driven representations of built space. Exploring two contrasting forms of immersion (noise/silence, overwhelming data versus stillness) that mark the contemporary airport experience, Dual Term presents a visual and aural walk thru 3-D experiential environment that alternates the visitor between the built space of the Safdie terminal at Pearson International and a 3-D simulacra running in Second Life on the T01 kiosk.

Passage Obligé
Maroussia Lévesque + Jason Lewis + Yannick Assogba + Raed Moussa /Obx labs
Passage Obligé is a celebration of the fascinating network and organization behind the flying structure, and a poetic allusion to rendition flights. While flying may evoke Pucci-dressed stewardesses and faster business in a globalised world, recent controversies over this phenomenon are now an inescapable issue art cannot simply ignore. The 2006 European Commission report has shed some light on the possible issues that arise from such practice, but the topic is still largely ignored by the mass media and the public. We would like to address the fact that this practice uses commercial planes to carry military actions.


Year Zero One gratefully acknowledges the Canada Council for the Arts, The Toronto Arts Council and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority for their support of Terminal01.


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