T01 is a portable new media art installation created specifically for airports. Produced by Toronto based artist collective Year Zero One, T01 will consist of a custom-built kiosk housing an interactive networked touch-sensitive screen and computer, an audio-video output, an embedded web camera and projection screen. The exhibition will be launched in June 2007 at Toronto’s striking new Terminal 1 designed by architect Moshe Safdie.

Toronto’s Pearson International is ranked 28th among the world's busiest airports and receives over 30 million passengers per year. With a current mandate to present innovative contemporary art exhibitions The Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) has agreed to host the T01 exhibition budget and provide administrative and promotional support. T01 offers an opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a highly visible public location reaching a diverse global audience.

Year Zero One will commission Toronto Architect/Designers Amanda Ramos & Eric Johnson to create a unique and inviting exhibition kiosk that will contain the hardware and electronics of T01. The designers will respond to the environment of Terminal 1 when considering the over-all chosen look and materials used for the kiosk. The structure will be pre-fabricated and portable, safe and professionally constructed, allowing for easy installation and removal from the airport terminal. The kiosk will be lined with descriptive graphic panels summarizing the project concept and exhibition brochures will be available to the public.

Subscribers to Pearson International's wireless internet service can access the T01 exhibition through a link from the WiFi portal page from their personal computers. Similar to In-Site a current Year Zero One project in association with Île Sans Fil , artworks can be viewed by users simply logging into their WiFi account. To view In-Site please visit <http://www.year01.com/insite>

International and Canadian artists will be invited to create digital artwork thematically based on their experiences and interpretations of air travel environs, airports, mobility and networked communities. The selected works will be accessed via a user friendly touch-screen interface featuring a series of options for interaction with the digital artworks. Viewers will have the option of contributing personal content to the dynamic art-database. Emphasis will be placed on generative art work which directly utilizes real-time flight data to create aesthetic objects (for more information on generative art-work, see the context section below).

Generative or Data visualisation art is a growing practice in new media art where artists visually or aurally represent complex processes and phenomena through the use of computers and software programmes. The architecture of air terminals - containing a constant flux of flight data and perpetual mobility of diverse cultures - is a microcosm of the planets vast interconnected and trans-global air travel networks. This public domain data and intricate human activity could potentially be a source used to generate visuals or influence the audio of the artworks presented on the T01 touch-screen. In contemporary computational arts, dynamic forms and generative processes accomplished through programming life-forms that feed on large data-sets (such as flight data) are provoking new definitions of Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence.The installation will serve both as an environment to experience site-specific digital artworks and as a potential multi-node installation providing a dynamic art platform for cross-cultural social networks. Click here for examples of artist projects that relate to the T01 theme.

The Year Zero One collective is dedicated to presenting digital artworks in public spaces, reaching out to an audience outside of the gallery context. To date the group has successfully presented several public art projects including Teletaxi, Geostash and the Transmedia video billboard exhibitions. We have a volunteer advisory committee to provide recommendations to the collective on the development and implementation of the T01 project. T01 will be promoted nationally and internationally through our extensive on-line network and locally through promotional material such as postcards, posters, ads, press releases, publicity from affiliated festivals and through Pearson International’s public art programme.


Nina Czegledy - Critical Media
Sara Diamond - Ontario College of Art and Design
Dana Samuel - InterAccess
Amanda Ramos - Field Office
Maia Engeli - School of Interactive Art - SIAT

YEAR ZERO ONE is a media arts collective committed to the production, development and distribution of electronic media art through net based exhibitions and site-specific public art projects.