David Jhave Johnston
video, 15sec





DAVID JHAVE JOHNSTON is a multimedia-poet currently living in Montreal. Among other artistic activities, he has exhibited site-specific installations with the Symbiosis Collective, written and directed multi-media theatre with the Collective Unconscious Collective, and recorded spoken-word electronica for the now-defunct underground ZOI label. He is currently completing work on a contribution to a Quebec digital-poetry CD-ROM entitled Navigateur, working on a Kali-scope projection project, completing a music video for independent multi-instrumentalist Brian Sanderson, speaking at conferences on webart, and studying computer science at Concordia University. In 2002, his work was featured at the Images de Nouveau Monde festival in Quèbec City, and La Biennale de Montrèal.

Before devoting himself completely to digital creation in 1998, Jhave finished a six-year exploratory-font project of handwritten mixed-media which was entitled Book. The web project NomadLingo, a year long exploration of digitally-generated mobile-text work, was created from April1/2000 to April 1/2001 and exhibited as monthly installments at