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  • 02.22.2007

    PureData Convention

    PureData Convention ’07 – Call for Proposals August 21-26, 2007, Montréal Canada The PureData Convention Steering Committee is now accepting proposals for participation in L’oeuvre ouverte (the Open Work), the 2nd International PureData Convention. L’oeuvre ouverte invites an open relation between the artwork and the public as well as open attitudes and practices in the […]

  • 01.25.2007


    INGRID BACHMANN, GARNET HERTZ, AMY YOUNGS Opening Reception Friday February 2, 8:00 pm Artist talks Friday February 2, 7:00 pm Exhibition runs February 2 – March 17, 2007 InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, 9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto InterAccess is pleased to present ZOO, an exhibition of three works by three artists that artfully integrate natural […]

  • 01.17.2007


    TRANSMISSION.06/Mimesis tactics of mimetic intervention in everyday life TRANSMISSION.06/Mimesis is an open call for the creation of an urban art intervention archive about camouflage and invisibility strategies. This project intends to investigate the strategies and the dynamics of camouflage and of likeness, of subtle sabotage and tampering, of détournement: the techniques of fusion and intrusion […]

  • 01.11.2007

    Auditory Seismology

    “A collection of audified seismograms can be heard via the web to give an audible impression of the earth’s sound”

  • 01.10.2007

    Second Life Consumption

    According to the website itself, Second Life is a 3D online digital world imagined, created and owned by its residents. Many real companies such as American Apparel and Sears are represented virtually within its borders. The community has even produced real life millionaires! Clearly this virtual world and its near 2.5 million resident avatars have […]

  • 01.07.2007

    Art’s Birthday at the Western Front

    This year Art’s Birthday at the Western Front celebrates and deconstructs utopian ideas of network, radio, and place (the mix between localism and globalism).

  • 01.04.2007

    LED’s for beginners

    Great beginner guide on using LEDs – LINK via makezine

  • 12.28.2006

    interactive visual tower

    An impressive interactive full-building facade on a 145m high tower in Brussels (Dexia Tower, Belgium), on which 4200 windows can be individually illuminated by RGB-colored LED bars.

  • 12.28.2006


    location one | “an exploration into the sharing of the senses”

  • 12.21.2006

    Low-Cost illuminated signage for todays responsible citizen

    Low-cost, illuminated signage for todays responsible citizen courtesy of the GRL and the Eyebeam OpenLab. This tutorial will explain the tools and processes we used to combine LED christmas lights, plexi-glass and rope to make our own low-power signage on the cheap link via makezine