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  • 11.03.2010


    NomadikMilk, a project by visual artist, Esther Polak, focuses on tracing the mobility of milk in the Nigerian landscape. She does this by following the nomadic Fulani of Nigeria, as they transport milk in comparison to that of truck drivers hired by PEAK milk, a prominent brand in the country. The trail is mapped with […]

  • 11.02.2010

    Electronic Bric-A-Bracs

    InterAccess is opening a mini-shop to sell new media ephemera, multiples, and publications. Electronic Bric-a-Bracs is meant to provide an alternate platform for the dissemination of new media work by showcasing small, cheap, and multiple projects. Housed in a single shelving unit nestled between our offices and the washroom, the shop will receive a high […]

  • 11.01.2010

    Pocket Video Workshops

    Workshop dates November 15 to 18, 2010 from 10AM to 4PM. Workshops will be held at InterAccess, 9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto. Facilitators: Julià Carboneras Girgas Nacho Durán Fernando Velázquez, Overview of activities The objective of this 20-hour workshop is to learn how to produce micro-narratives in the form of celu-films (pocket film/video); those created for […]