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joseph ingoldsby: requiem for a drowning landscape

subtle technologies presentation That narrow ribbon of marsh between land and sea is dying. What is killing the salt marsh is still not fully known. The stress of coastal development, pollution, sea level rise, warming trends and constricted growing area may develop stress related pathogens which infect, attack and kill the marsh grass and allow […]

lorraine gauthier + lisa moffitt: sustainable building panel

lorraine gauthier + lisa moffitt: sustainable building panel

subtle technologies presentation This panel will investigate some architectural projects that make use of sustainable building practices. Lorraine Gauthier Work Worth Doing Now House™ – One small house. One million opportunities. One of our biggest environmental challenges is improving the energy efficiency of houses that exist now. I will describe our progress in creating environmental […]

sarah peebles, laurence packer, rob king: pollination ecology

subtle technologies presentation ‘Resonating Bodies – Bumble Domicile’ was the first of a series of art installations and projects focusing on biodiversity of bees indigenous to the Greater Toronto Area. Bumble Domicile highlighted distinct features of local bumble bees through an observation hive, garden, visual and audio transformations, scent, touch, and biological information. Created by […]

emma master: golden age of biology

subtle technologies presentation Our forest has always played a critical role in Canadian economic, social, and cultural development. Through historical investment in the forest sector, Canada has emerged as a leader in forest science and technology. Undeniably, the economic competitiveness of conventional forest products has diminished in recent years. At the same time, there is […]

zainub verjee: city in a glass of water

subtle technologies presentation The sustainability discourse in the late eighties stemmed out of a certain understanding informed by environment, ecology and developmental economics. The world has grown far more complex, intrinsically interdependent and deeply integrated. Within sustainable city literature, little attention has thus far been paid to the “Urban” as a process of soio-ecological change, […]

fereshteh toosi: locative sound

subtle technologies presentation Interdisciplinary artist Fereshteh Toosi will discuss her experimental audio documentary called UP THE CREEK! The project shares stories from people living and working along Onondaga Creek, an 18-mile waterway that runs through rural, urban, and Native American land in central New York. To experience the project, participants borrow CD players from the […]

deborah mcgregor: indigenous knowledge

subtle technologies presentation This presentation will focus on the Indigenous peoples concepts of sustainability. +++ Deborah McGregor, PhD is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Aboriginal Studies at the University of Toronto. She is Anishnabe from Whitefish River First Nation, Birch Island, Ontario. For two decades she has been an educator at both […]

ryan gregory: microbes and meteors

subtle technologies presentation Life has existed on Earth for nearly 4 billion years, and currently includes an estimated 10-100 million species. The history of life has included both dramatic change (as with the “Cambrian explosion” that saw the rise of many major animal groups) and long-term stability: after billions of years, bacteria remain the most […]

karla brunet + juan freire: digital narratives

subtle technologies presentation In a socio-ecological context, the exploration of place is a fundamental aspect of the narrative and experimental geography arise as the conceptual and practical framework. This artistic project was developed in Garapuá, a coastal location in Brazil (Bahia), in which local teenagers develop collaborative narratives of their territories using a combination of […]

karl schroeder: rewilding humanity

subtle technologies presentation Economic sustainability is not enough if human civilization is going to have a long presence on Earth.  We need to not only reform our institutions but redefine what they are and how they operate; and we need a new vision of what it means to be human in a world where neither […]