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innovative communities for a sustainable world

From space, astronauts can see whole continents and oceans in a single glance. If we imagine such a vantage point and begin to focus on Ontario, we can start to see how our communities interact with one another and what impact they might have on the planet as a whole. Ontario Centres of Excellence is […]

the woman who gave birth to a forest

the woman who gave birth to a forest

Can you imagine a forest of poetry? I mean literally. A forest where different kinds of trees represent dead poets. The kind of tree of each poet selected by alive poets, as homage to the ones who were before them. A certain way to celebrate the life of poetry with life in itself. A celebration where life and […]

portland oregon, the greener city

portland oregon, the greener city

Portland is one of the greenest cities in North America, having started urban renovation projects and investing in public transportation decades earlier than other centers. It is the first city in US to start a comprehensive CO2 emission plan through The City of Portland green building program and their investment in light rail, buses and […]

congress for the new urbanism

The New Urbanist movement took root in the early eighties as a response to the wasteful and bland architecture of modernist suburban development. The movement solidified in the official form of ”Congress for the New Urbanism”, a body encompassing architects, planners, environmentalists, financiers, developers and other activists promoting healthy cities, walkable neighbourhoods and expansion of […]

what we need is a new lifestyle, not a new fuel for the old lifestyle

James Howard Kunstler: The tragedy of suburbia James Howard Kunstler is one of the most acerbic critics of American suburbia and the waste of resources it represents. His critique of a landscape made for automobiles started with his two books “Home from Nowhere” and “Geography of Nowhere” which analyzed urban sprawl, the vapidity and lack […]

requiem for detroit

Julien Temple’s new film is a vivid evocation of an apocalyptic vision: a slow-motion Katrina that has had many more victims. Detroit was once America’s fourth largest city. Built by the car for the car, with its groundbreaking suburbs, freeways and shopping centres, it was the embodiment of the American dream. But its intense race […]

the linguists

Subtle Technologies Film Screening K. David Harrison National Geographic Society and Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages This is a screening of the documentary film “The Linguists” followed by a Q and A with David Harrison , one of the linguists in the film. Summary The Linguists is an independent 2008 American documentary film about […]

fereshteh toosi: locative sound

subtle technologies presentation Interdisciplinary artist Fereshteh Toosi will discuss her experimental audio documentary called UP THE CREEK! The project shares stories from people living and working along Onondaga Creek, an 18-mile waterway that runs through rural, urban, and Native American land in central New York. To experience the project, participants borrow CD players from the […]

deborah mcgregor: indigenous knowledge

subtle technologies presentation This presentation will focus on the Indigenous peoples concepts of sustainability. +++ Deborah McGregor, PhD is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Aboriginal Studies at the University of Toronto. She is Anishnabe from Whitefish River First Nation, Birch Island, Ontario. For two decades she has been an educator at both […]

karla brunet + juan freire: digital narratives

subtle technologies presentation In a socio-ecological context, the exploration of place is a fundamental aspect of the narrative and experimental geography arise as the conceptual and practical framework. This artistic project was developed in Garapuá, a coastal location in Brazil (Bahia), in which local teenagers develop collaborative narratives of their territories using a combination of […]