subtle technolgies: sustainability

subtle technologies — By on April 22, 2010 at 5:00 pm

For this year’s Subtle Technologies Festival, we wish to explore sustainability through a critical multidisciplinary lens. We invite investigations of the role that decentralization, diversity and societal power dynamics plays in our attempts at maintaining a sustainable future. Where does the death of languages, cultures and peoples fit into the sustainability discussion? We look forward to critical discussions that explore multiple meanings of sustainability in this state of ecological and global health. We will be discussing the science and technology behind sustainable practices and design as well as the science behind some of the events and circumstances that have driven us to seek sustainable solutions. What role does the artist play in bringing forth new layers of understandings in this discussion? As in previous years, we invite submissions from various practices.  For 12 years, Subtle Technologies has provided a forum where participants share their projects, theories and technologies around an annual theme.  Subtle Technologies is also a place where artists, scientists, and other innovators inspire, inform and generate new concepts and tools.


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