karla brunet + juan freire: digital narratives

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subtle technologies presentation

In a socio-ecological context, the exploration of place is a fundamental aspect of the narrative and experimental geography arise as the conceptual and practical framework. This artistic project was developed in Garapuá, a coastal location in Brazil (Bahia), in which local teenagers develop collaborative narratives of their territories using a combination of technologies and media such as: GPS, videos, photos, audio, texts, mapping and blogging. These narratives were constructed during workshops facilitated by a team of artists, scientists and educators.


Karla Brunet has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication (UPF, Spain – Capes Scholarship), a master degree in Fine Arts (Academy of Art University, USA – Capes Scholarship), a degree in Communication (UFSM, Brazil) and a post-doctor research on Cyberculture at UFBA (Fapesb Scholarship). Karla has participated in individual and group exhibitions on photography and digital arts. Nowadays she is a professor at IHAC/UFBA, where she researches the interaction on art, science and technology.

Juan Freire has a PhD in Biology and is a professor at the University of Corunna (UDC). Also, he is the chair of  Digital Economy at the Business School EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial). At UDC he is the Leader of the research group in Marine Resources and Fisheries.

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