joseph ingoldsby: requiem for a drowning landscape

eco-art, subtle technologies — By on April 29, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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That narrow ribbon of marsh between land and sea is dying. What is killing the salt marsh is still not fully known. The stress of coastal development, pollution, sea level rise, warming trends and constricted growing area may develop stress related pathogens which infect, attack and kill the marsh grass and allow for the hollowing out of the marsh grass roots into coral like forms, which erode with each high tide. Scientists report sudden salt marsh dieback along the Atlantic coast. The end result is a loss of coastal protection, habitat, estuarine landscapes and fishery.


Joseph Ingoldsby’s work combines art, science and technology to advocate for vanishing landscapes and endangered species. Art can be used to communicate complex ecological and scientific principles to an audience outside of the confines of the academy. This elegy for Vanishing Landscapes and Endangered Species must be told with an urgency that speaks to the immediacy of the visible and documented changes in our world. The collaborative works examine, explain and illustrate issues as climate change, fragmentation of the landscape, broken trophic cascades, species shifts and extinction, and the loss of the natural and cultural landscape.

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