jody boehnert: visualizing ecological literacy

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subtle technologies presentation

Visual communicators have an important role to play in building an understanding of complex environmental problems and creating a momentum for change. Yet before we swing into action to save the world from converging environmental crises, a new type of learning must be embedded in our practice. This presentation will explore the emergent concept of ecological literacy as a starting point for an engaged cultural producer. Jody Boehnert will demonstrate how visual representations of ecological literacy can contribute to the development of cognitive skills, map intellectual territory and help disseminate information at a time of rapid societal change.


Jody Boehnert is a Canadian who now lives in London England. She is founding director of EcoLabs and a PhD candidate at the University of Brighton. EcoLabs is an ecological literacy initiative that develops projects to visually communicate complex environmental information. Major recent projects include the Futures Scenarios exhibition, EcoMag No.1 and the Teach-in. She works as a graphic designer and occasionally as a writer in the design press. She is an environmental activist who brings her skills to a variety of networks. Jody was born in Guelph where she studied Fine Arts.

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