junk to juice: DIY power generation on the cheap

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Junk to Juice: DIY power generation on the cheap
This workshop is presented in partnership with the Sustainability Office and The Learning Zone at the Ontario College of Art & Design

Workshop Director: Hackett
Director, The Madagascar Institute

Workshop Dates: May 29th & 30th
Workshop Location: OCAD: The Learning Zone

Somehow, going “green” has become another vector of marketing, another way to spend money.

This workshop will address that problem by teaching participants to make their own electricity using generators built from trash. The generators will run off simple, non-polluting, sources, such as waste heat and wind. Of course, these small generators will not replace mains power, so they will be dedicated to powering specific, common objects, like a cell phone or iPod.

We will start with a pile of junk, and every participant will leave the class with their own purpose-built genset, and the means and motive to make more.


Hackett is the Director of the Madagascar Institute, a Brooklyn-based art combine, an artist, metalworker, and the occasional star of Discovery Channel “guys building then destroying stuff” shows. Hackett likes his coffee strong, his physics Newtonian, and is a firm believer in “Build it, then measure it.”. He has not been arrested in over a year.

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