jill anholt: making connections

eco-art, subtle technologies, urban renewal — By on May 12, 2010 at 3:19 pm

jill anholt: light showers - sherbourne park, toronto

subtle technologies presentation

Sustainability has become an all-encompassing term that allows us to view the whole world through its lens. Its definition has expanded from our influence on the natural environment to include social, cultural and economic structures of the human condition, tying us together within a vast network of relationships. It is this cloud of multivalent connections that inspires the conceptual development, form and material expression of my art in the public realm. This presentation will focus on a selection of my recent built and in-process public art projects that aspire to create dynamic experiences and allow the public to connect to the world in meaningful new ways.


Jill Anholt is a visual artist and designer who has been creating site specific public art installations since 1998. Her work investigates qualities of time, movement, light and materiality often contrasting permanent with ephemeral elements. Her intent is to intrigue passers-by, drawing them to look closer at the work itself, and by extension explore and discover connections and relationships embodied in the site. Jill’s public art installations strive to be interactive and accessible such that they engage people directly with the art and with a particular place. Environmental sustainability plays a generative role in the conceptual development, form and material expression of many of her works. Along with her art practice, Jill is also an instructor at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver.

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