adam zaratsky: appropriate pervert technology: postsustainable orgy, our only hope?

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We don’t need hyper-consumption of natural resources to access excess. The ignoble orgiastic option may be a more ‘ecologically sound’ plan than the green-washing of guilt through free-range chicken and plastic recycling bins. We can achieve post-sustainable excess by amplifying the cognitive, ritualistic and emotional registers of human expression without the long lasting material denigration of the biomes we inhabit. Massive orgies and festivals of expenditure can be tuned to have a low impact. Thinking fruitfully, why plan our creations towards a minimization of negative footprint. Can we re-channel our massive, embodied, corporate hives to strive and achieve positive, fertile-centric, rich green impact through industrial, large scale, ritual process? (APT) Appropriate Pervert Technology is a cry for intimate, libidinal global actions towards preservation of the environment. We can increase planetary, all-organismic livability and fecundity through queer character, freaky, heterogeneous cyclical times and green, post-prudent lifestyle. Sustainable monotony is a bitter pill and it is also a highly inefficient method for the prevention of eco-catastrophic extinction. Sumptuous post-sustainability calls for mega-manure spreads, global nature rubs and environmentally sound projects of mass anti-prudence.


Adam Zaretsky is a bio-artist working in Biology and Art Wet Lab Practice. This involves biological lab immersion as a process towards inspired artistic projects. His personal research interests revolve around life, living systems, exploration into the mysteries of life and interrogating varied cultural definitions which stratify life’s popular categorizations. He also focuses on legal, ethical and social implications of some of the newer biotechnological materials and methods, i.e.: Molecular Biology, ART [Assisted Reproductive Technology], and Transgenic Protocols.

Zaretsky is also well known as a teacher of Vivoarts: Art and Biology Studio. Vivoarts is a studio art and science crossover lab meant to aid art, science and sociology students in their own exploration of the intersections between art and life. Vivoarts encourages students to show their philosophical coursings, their quixotic prodding, and their slippery sloping around and between their studies of: Ecology, Biotechnology, Non-human Relations, Live Art and Gastronomy. Focus is on artistic uses of molecular biology, tissue culture, genomics, developmental biology and the social implications of these new technological developments. The focus of the class is not on the logic of the biologic, but on our cultural relationships to the world of life, with all their contradictions and illogicalities.

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