the green corridor: noel harding + rod strickland

contingent ecologies exhibition, eco-art, sustainable design, urban renewal — By on April 26, 2010 at 7:00 pm

The Green Corridor is a groundbreaking initiative for generating a green redevelopment of the international bridge corridor linking Canada to the United States. As a gateway to the City of Windsor, the corridor presents opportunities to involve local communities in transforming their environment. Traveling along its 2 km length, visitors will experience a new conception of the urban landscape – shifting from a concrete jungle to a ‘regenerative green zone’ where landscape is emphasized.

The Green Corridor concept was initiated by international artist Noel Harding in collaboration with University of Windsor visual arts professor Rod Strickland. The initiative harnesses the capacity of interdisciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration and includes a team of environmentalists, science and engineering researchers, artists, politicians, city planners, educators, and community residents.

The Corridor engages local and international visitors with environmentally aware, multi-faceted ‘art and science’ public projects. Projects in development include the Nature Bridge, green roof elevations, an ecohouse, river turbines, environmental monitoring, and many others. Education is a key objective, and each project creates opportunities to educate and inform, both by displaying information and by creating sites for scientific and environmental research.

Green Corridor derives its strength from vital partnerships with key stakeholders, including the City of Windsor, the University of Windsor, local area secondary schools, industry, and community interest groups.


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