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fieldwork aims to present site-specific art installations in a field near Perth, Ontario for passers-by to stumble upon, discover, journey to, and explore.  A new installation is created each season by a ‘fieldworker’ (artist) – with the aim of addressing a variety of ways that we may relate to the space – conceptually, spiritually, formally, economically, playfully, etc.  Our third year (2010-2011) begins with two new Summer installations opening Sunday, June 20th.  Our guest artists this year are:

Summer 2010:  2 installations – Dan Nuttall‘s ‘Bewilderness’ and Flower Lunn’s ‘Brooke Valley Badges’
Autumn 2010:  2 installations – Jesse Stewart (at the site) and  Kelly Price (online installation)

Winter 2010:  Marc Walter

Spring 2011:  2 installations – Jennifer Ryder-Jones and Susie Osler

For information on the first three installations at fieldwork (Summer 2008, Autumn 2008, Winter 2008/09)  visit our old blog.
For year two, visit the archives in the  menu to the right.

Finally, the very generous support of the Ontario Arts Council has made this project possible – Thank you.  And thank you, our visitors, for your curiosity, interest, and feedback!


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