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Seed Bombing @ Subtle Technologies Community Day


Date: June 6th
Time: 9:30AM-4:30PM – ALL DAY!


Design Your Own Creative, EcoArt, Outdoor, Ecoventionist, Seed-Bomb Sculpture. Create an installation in the open outdoors that explores anarcho-expression around issues of Ecology, Foreign Species Release, Kitsch Ornament, Public Art and Rewilding. Use clay, manure, soil and seeds (all provided free of charge) as a medium in a public, collaborative, live-art , sculpting studio. Stroll with us on an active installation walk. Savor moments of outdoors lab/action appreciation. Consider this an open invitation for a hands-on, non-directed, lesson in sustainability arts, bioremediation arts, arts that address GMOs and all other foreign species politics. Interrogate your conceptions of naturalism while expressing your politics in the media of the wild. Look at your manicured environment of urban landscape architecture for guidance on issues of kitsch and the decorative. Rework, upset and muddy the given concrete with some growing, ephemeral, seeded sculptures.



Adam Zaretsky is a bio-artist working in Biology and Art Wet Lab Practice. This involves biological lab immersion as a process towards inspired artistic projects. His personal research interests revolve around life, living systems, exploration into the mysteries of life and interrogating varied cultural definitions which stratify life’s popular categorizations. He also focuses on legal, ethical and social implications of some of the newer biotechnological materials and methods, i.e.: Molecular Biology, ART [Assisted Reproductive Technology], and Transgenic Protocols. Zaretsky is also well known as a teacher of Vivoarts: Art and Biology Studio, a studio art and science crossover lab meant to aid art, science and sociology students in their own exploration of the intersections between art and life. A former research associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zaretsky also has taught in Steve Wilson’s Conceptual/Information Arts (CIA) department at San Francisco State University, SymbioticA, The Art and Science Collaborative Research Laboratory at The University of Western Australia Department of Anatomy and Human Biology and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Integrated Electronic Arts Department. He is currently a PhD student at RPI focusing on Art and Life Politics while heading VASTAL: The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd.

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