contingent ecologies

contingent ecologies exhibition — By on April 27, 2010 at 4:15 pm

curated by Camille Turner and Michael Alstad
Presented as a partnership between: InterAccess, Year Zero One, and the Subtle Technologies Festival

exhibition run: May 22 to June 12
opening reception: Friday, June 4th: 7:30pm

Each year Subtle Technologies presents an international festival bringing scientists, artists and designers together to share ideas, science and artworks around a theme. This year’s focus is on sustainability.

The most innovative, unconventional thinking and solutions often come from the periphery – beyond established structures and norms. contingent ecologies :: investigations at the edge present concepts, ideas and projects by architects, designers, artists and community activists from multiple view points coming together to explore and respond to a complexity of environmental and social issues.

Velo City, The Green Corridor and the
Arctic Perspective Initiative [API], are sustainable built environments and concepts represented through layers of media; video, installations, audio, photography and sketches within the InterAccess gallery space. Each project offers a glimpse into the process of the conceptualization of an idea. The exhibition continues online via a blog, offering public engagement and participation throughout the festival. The blog will initially feature projects presented in the exhibition and symposium and will then branch out into related territory with additional thematic content curated from online sources.

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