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new climates

New Climates presents new and existing artworks responding to the relationship between art, global climate change and networked culture. This curatorial weblog will create a flexible and open-ended space to address these ideas at a time when climate change has become a vital concern among artists.



RETHINK — Contemporary Art & Climate Change is an exhibition of 26 works created by trendsetting Nordic and international contemporary artists working in the intersection between art, culture and climate change. The exhibition is a result of a cooperation between the National Gallery of Denmark, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art […]

joseph ingoldsby: requiem for a drowning landscape

subtle technologies presentation That narrow ribbon of marsh between land and sea is dying. What is killing the salt marsh is still not fully known. The stress of coastal development, pollution, sea level rise, warming trends and constricted growing area may develop stress related pathogens which infect, attack and kill the marsh grass and allow […]