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10/18/2004: "Meeting at Cafe Diplomatico"

We met with the artists this Sunday to answer questions and talk about the possibilities for Geostash weekend.

The artists had a lot of great questions and comments! Some artists want to do "serial" stashes, where the artist assigned to their stash may have to travel to more than one place to complete the public art assignment. Others wondered about charging others in the group with activities that are in a grey legal area - such as "enhancing" street furniture. We also had a discussion about creating a standard container for the stashes, to help them be identifiable to the participating artists and enforce a standard size for materials contained within - but this idea was rejected.

Michael and I were happy to announce to the artists that we have a new partner, YYZ Artists' Outlet, which is where we will conduct an artists' talk and present our documentation to the public in November. (Exact date to be determined.)

Here are some photos from the evening! (Click on the links to see the images in pop-ups.)
The big group shot! (Missing: Michael Alstad, who is taking the picture, Slavica Ceperkovic, who is in Banff, and Duncan, Jason's collaborator.)
Paola Poletto, Jon Sasaki, Michael Alstad
Willy Le Maitre and Paola Poletto
Jason Van Horne
Shawn Micallef and I striking a Bergmanesque pose

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