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10/29/2004: "FIND - Mission #1"

This morning we went out with Slavica Ceperkovic in search of the stash stored at:
N 43° 38.275'
W 079° 24.389'
We started by searching using the GPS receiver. Before long, Slavica had found the stash and opened it up.

Slavica was matched with Jason Van Horne and Duncan Walker, and the stash contents included a sprayer filled with latex paint and some printed information.

The enclosed note read (in part): "Your mission is to help in the fight against the Concrete Cartel by reducing the Grey-Level in this sector of the city by the use of site-specific mood enhancing colour applications. [...] You may get hassled for the joy you're bringing to the city, but please remember dear citizen of Toronto, "You Belong Here!" ... and so does your colour! [...] HUE HEALING: PURPLE/VIOLET: Transformational, Inspirational and Calming. Time to relax and enjoy spiritual growth and transformation; reach those levels of inner peace where you can experience that life thread that connects us to the heavens. Achieve Divine Knowingness through the use of Purple."

Slavica decided an adjacent parking lot was a prime location for young lovers to go parking, and thought it needed a little colour to transform it into a "Lover's Lot". She marked the entrance to the lot with some inviting purple, and created "designated" lover's parking spots by marking the concrete barriers. Of course, it won't be dry for a little while so Slavica left some signs to warn people.

And then your intrepid curators went on to the next mission...

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