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10/31/2004: "We Went Bananas for Mission #4"

Jon and Paola were the designers of the next stash, that was a "reverse stash", meaning, nothing was hidden for artists to find, rather, they had to rendezvous with the stash designers, find some items in the area and log their location, and then participate in a group activity, and log the location of the activity.

Shawn and Gabe were matched to be on the receiving end of Jon and Paola's design. All six of us, the four matched artists and two curators, met in Kensington Market at:
N 43° 39.249'
W 079° 24.008'

There we received instructions to locate the ingredients for banana bread (the recipe was provided), go to a team member or curator's house, and make the banana bread together. We had to provide photographic proof that we had baked the bread. We were allowed to enjoy the bread after baking, but were obliged to save some which would remain frozen until our panel talk at YYZ Artists Outlet in 2 weeks, where we would share the remaining bread with the public.

So we collected some ingredients at an organic food shop in the Market, at:
N 43° 39.242'
W 079° 24.030'

and then proceeded to Michael Alstad's kitchen at:
N 43° 39.077'
W 079° 23.393'

In no time, we had whipped up some banana bread, with everyone taking part in the process (though I must admit, I was trying to catch up on blogging, and participated mostly by enjoying the nice aroma coming from the oven.) They baked for about half an hour, after which time we checked them, then saw that they were done, and couldn't resist eating it while it was still hot. Yum! The lucky visitors to our artists' talk on November 17th at YYZ will have great snacks!

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