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11/02/2004: "FIND - Mission #5"

Early Sunday morning, we met with Jason Van Horne and Duncan Walker, who were assigned to Willy's stash. The coordinates led us into Mount Pleasant Cemetary. Soon they discovered a stash behind a tombstone marked "Nixon". They opened the display case and took out two portable CD players, which were to provide the soundtrack for the experience.

They were led into a nearby ravine, where the experience continued. The GPS coordinates led them into a series of tunnels, where they discovered a second stash containing a light and some fortifications for their journey. The tone was set by the "Nixon" tombstone, with inscriptions above tunnel entries referring to different periods in American history, for example the "Black Gold" tunnel, referring to the recent wars in the Middle East.

The GPS coordinates kept them on track, leading them further into the ravine. The tunnels were full of water from a weekend of rain, causing our intrepid explorers to occasionally be obliged to empty water out of their boots.

The path continued in and out of tunnels, sometimes causing our artists/explorers to hang on when the terrain seemed rough. After leaving several tunnels, the last exit came at the end of the longest tunnel (complete with huge resident spiders).

An appropriately big finish to a big weekend!

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on Tuesday, November 16th, Ninj said

I believe the "tunnels" referred to here are the stormwater drain that I refer to as the St. Clair Drain and describe at http://www.infiltration.org/drains-stclair.html . But you didn't mention the decomposing flesh under the cemetery.

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