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11/19/2004: "Artist's Talk"

Two nights ago we had our artist's talk at YYZ Artist's Outlet, where we showed some videos of the stashes being discovered and discussed the projects in more depth.

Some interesting revelations came out of the talk. The most interesting point, I think, was that while Geocaching focuses on the hunt and hardly at all on the object that is found, our Geostashing project focuses almost entirely on the objects that were found and not nearly as much on the trek to find it. This wasn't put forward as a virtue or a flaw, but just a different kind of approach that resulted from putting so much emphasis on the contents of the stash from the very beginning.

Here's a shot of us at the table, with the banana bread that we gave away visible in the corner!
From left to right: Willy Le Maitre, Paola Poletto, Jon Sasaki, Gabe Sawhney, Jason Van Horne, and Duncan Walker.

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