radom excess memory
aimless processing of learned purpose recalling unspecified patterns retaining an abundance of association mechanisms....

Bodies Inc.
"A tongue-in cheek commentary on some of the more obvious contradictions of corporate culture, particularly those working with art and technology...the participant is invited to construct a virtual body-part out of predefined body-parts, textures, and sounds, and gain membership to the larger body-owner community." - Christopher Newfield

Can you see me through the computer
"Within computer art, synergy between user and piece is fundamental for a complete experience. A piece of art that exists as a computer programme relies on an impetus of instantiation. Before a user executes the code to bring the piece to life, the piece is merely a set of instructions, ones and zeros which need to be transformed into art. During the production of these ones and zeros, artist becomes an electronic stategist." - Juliet Martin

"This site pushes the limits of what is possible in a browser window, and appropriates the web itself as an aesthetic element, as if the artists ran a website through a blender, then collaged the digital debris that came out. The result is a collection of inventive interfaces and collaged images that seem to be found from 'found objects', if such a thing exists in a world made of pixels." - Mark Napier