Site Specific Exhibition @ The Royal Bank of Canada
Symbiosis Collective - Toronto
October 2- 25, 1997

The Symbiosis Collective and four guest artists collaborated in an art occupation at a former Royal Bank branch that explored the complex economic and emotional relationship between bank and client, institution and individual. The Bank of Symbiosis became a repository of ideas about 'economy' and surplus, surveillance/privacy and social/monetary exchange.

From left to right:

Growth: Sculpture - Six 5 foot letters made offoam, felt and wheat grass spell out the word G*R*O*W*T*H. Grown in the bank for two weeks prior to opening - water supply cut off for the duration of the exhibition which resulted in the slow death of Growth.

Take Heart: Installation - Individual names of dormant Swiss bank account holders from W.W.2 wallpapered inside bank vault. Bottom vault contains sand pile. Top vault contains Brochures with image of a human heart and individual account holder listed underneath. 237 of a total of 1634 were taken away by the public during the exhibition.

Take Heart: Detail

photo documentation: Barbara Greczny