Mercer Union Gallery - Installation
September 10 - October 31, 1998

Alstad's installation, the Last Supper, responded to a New YorkTimes article entitled 'What's Cooking on Death Row' which reported on the last meals of the 144 men executed by the state of Texas in the last 15 years. The significance of the requests reveal a complexity of emotions and personalities that make the people on death row all the more real and less a number. For the installation, Alstad has created a series of "commemorative plates" with images of the last requested meals along with the execution dates of the prisoners on death row.

From left to right:

The Last Supper: Prison Cafeteria Table and Benches, 13 plates

The Last Supper: Plate Details - Image Transfer on Ceramic.
Karla Faye Tuckers last meal - a banana, 3 peaches and a mixed green salad with ranch dressing on the side. James Russells last meal - an apple

photo documentation: Barbara Greczny

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