Noughts and Palmers Crosses is a project of Year Zero One in partnership with the Container Project in Jamaica. Its focus is to create an intergenerational digital Storytelling program where elders and youth will work together tell the stories of their community using digital media.

The Container Project is a community media lab in a 40 foot shipping Container in a rural neighbourhood in Jamaica where few employment opportunities exist. The Container provides the community with computers and equipment they would not otherwise have access to. The director of the project is Mervin Jarman from the UK based group Mongrel an internationally known media (h)activist collective. Mongrel has traveled the world hacking into the closed system that technology operates within by teaching digital media to marginalized communities. Mervin fulfilled his dream of returning to Jamaica, the land of his birth to start the Container project in the community he grew up in. For the past two years, he has successfully pursued his goal to empower and give opportunities to particularly, the youth and the long-term unemployed through the innovative knowledge-sharing programs he is developing for the Container Project.

Through the Container’s residency program, international media artists and practitioners are invited to work alongside Jamaican practitioners to facilitate workshops and engage the community in the use of digital media. Participating international residents gain a hands-on experience and a rich cross-cultural exchange in this small community.

Based on the innovative media programme they have developed at Central Neighbourhood House Jennifer LaFontaine and Year Zero One member Camille Turner have been invited to the Container to participate in a three week residency to create and disseminate the project. Electronic Media artist Jim Ruxton has also been invited to create an interactive interface for this and other Mongrel projects which will be presented at Browns University in May 2006.

Project dates: March 6 - 24th, 2006
Check the Container Project Blog for updates.

Year Zero One gratefully acknowledges the Canada Council for the Arts for their support of The Container Project.


Year Zero One gratefully acknowledges the Canada Council for the Arts

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