YEAR ZERO ONE FORUM: ISSUE#12 - Summer 2003 :
Psychogeography - Space, Place and Perception

Articles commissioned by: Michelle Kasprzak

YEAR ZERO ONE published an online forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice and digital culture through reviews, essays and news. Thirteen editions of the forum were featured from 1996 to 2004. Current posts can be found on the YZO blog.


The Art of Walking thru Geographic Space
In Four Parts
Von Bark
An interview with the members of the [murmur] collective
Caitlin O'Donovan
Three Days of Psychogeographic Heaven
An overview of the PsyGeoConflux 2003 in NYC
David Mandl and Christina Ray
At the Corner of Either & Or
An investigation of Kwan's site-specific street performance, Don't Toe The Line, Or Toe Your Own Line
Daniel Cockburn
Psychogeographical Account of PING and the PsyGeoConflux 2003
Kate Armstrong
Genius Loci
The search for a missing child
Siobhan O'Flynn
Theatrum Mundi: 911
The hijacking of terrorism
Moritz Gaede
Reproduced with permission from
Psychogeographic Links Collection
A special thematic links collection
Michelle Kasprzak

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