YEAR ZERO ONE published an online forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice and digital culture through reviews, essays and news. Thirteen editions of the forum were featured from 1996 to 2004. Current posts can be found on the YZO blog.

A report from the 49th Venice Biennale
Philippa Pires

Mobile Text & the New Paradigms of Virtual Literature
William David Jhave Johnston

Hans Ulrich Obrist and Gregor Podnar at the Ljubljana Biennale
Bart Harnett


Dreamcatcher Video and the Kyiv International Media Art Festivals
Nina Czegledy

New works by David Rokeby, Jocelyn Robert & Ÿmile Morin at the Banff Centre - Curated by Sara Diamond
Sarah Cook

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YEAR 01 FORUM: ISSUE#8 - Spring 2001

Featured in issue#8 is: SARAI - THE NEW MEDIA INITIATIVE, A report and personal impressions of the Sarai New Media Initiative in Delhi, India. Nina Czegledy. WINDOW GALLERIES -All you need is love (or How to live in the real world and still be happy) Quirky Toronto phenomenon of exhibition spaces are adding a new twist to an old idea. Suzanne Farkas. ISEA 2000 Some thoughts about ISEA 2000 Revelation - a 3 day symposium in Paris by the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts. Philippa Pires. CRUMB: Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss Natalie Bookchin and Brenda Jackson talk about, "hacktivism" and community art in an interview with CRUMB's Beryl Graham. DRUNKEN BOAT Over thirty artists have contributed to this communal project - a superb group of writers, some radical interactivity, sound/video/hypertext, and a visitor from beyond the grave.

YEAR 01 FORUM: ISSUE#7 - Winter 2000

Featured in issue#7 is GROWING THINGS @BANFF: Report on a gathering of artists and scientists at the Banff New Media Institute which focused on the accelerated growth of bio and nano tech. CREATING SPACE FOR HEALTHY COMMUNITIES: A survey of unique projects by women artists which push the boundaries of traditional art 'space'. SURGE: A review of a collaborative project by filmmaker Barbara Sternberg and installation/performance artist Rae Davis at the Koffler Gallery. MOUCHETTE: Will she ever be rich enough to own herself? News about Mouchette and the sponsored campaign to trademark her name. OF SHIFTING SHADOWS CD ROM launch at InterAccess by Gita Hashemi. Returning to the 1979 Iranian Revolution through an exilic journey in memory and history. MAID IN CYBERSPACE: News of StudioXX's fourth festival of women's web art - Mutating Cultures and Indentities

YEAR 01 FORUM: ISSUE#6 - Spring 2000

Featured in issue#6 is INTERCOURSE: Review of Istvan Kantors lastest installment of the 'File Cabinet Project' at InterAccess. SURVEILLANCE: A Survey of P.Elaine Sharpes latest exhibtion at the Art Gallery of York Universtiy. PANDORAS BOX: Three Cats in a Box with Bots; Convergence/Teleconferencing/Inter-facing and the Delicate Chemistry of Balance, Review of Pandoras Box exhibition at InterAccess. HUM Review of Duncan Macdonald and Jessica Thompsons exhibition at the Pekao Gallery. SUBTLE TECHNOLOGIES 2000: News about the upcoming Subtle Technologties Conference which Blurs theboundaries between art and science. PING Report on the launch of internet based electronic networking service for the media art community in Toronto and abroad.

YEAR 01 FORUM: ISSUE#5 - Winter 1999

Featured in issue#5 is SEARCHING FOR NOURISHMENT IN THE LAND OF CYBER-TOAST: Report from the Media Lounge at Montreals Festival International Nouveau Cinema Nouveaux Medias.SIGGRAPH 99: MILLENNIUM MOTEL: Exhibit Highlight at Siggraph in L.A. grounds emerging technologies. MONSTERS OF MEDIOCRITY: Review of Philip Glass/Robert Wilson 3D Opera 'Monsters of Grace'. DIGITAL ME - Constructed Identity in Canadian New Media: Ed Video Media Arts Centre Exhibition. PLAYING WITH FIRE: Armand Vaillancourt: Social Sculpture.

YEAR 01 FORUM: ISSUE #4 - Spring 1998

Featured in issue #4 is LICHEN: Mary Anne Barkhouse & Michael Belmores Toronto Sculpture Garden installation reviewed by Harold Alegria-Ortiz, ART IN PUBLIC SPACES; Creating Memory and Community by Design: Women who are redefining public art - article by Suzanne Farkas, THE SUBTLE TECHNOLOGIES CONFERENCE: Artists, Scientists and various specialists meet at InterAccess Electronic Media Art Centre for two day conference, SENSEBUS: The next big project of the Art and Robotics Group.

YEAR 01 FORUM: ISSUE #3 - Winter 1997

Featured in Issue#3 is "Red Lands" a review of Gu Xiong's exhibition at A-Space, views regarding 'Burn Your Money' jhave's performance at the 'Bank of Symbiosis' exhibition, news about Toronto's latest Artist Run Centre at 1313 Queen West, and a virtual tour covering three months of Toronto art events.

YEAR 01 FORUM: ISSUE #2 - Spring 1997

Featured in Issue#2 is "Magnitude Absolute" a review of an exhibition by the MAN-size Collective, news about Archive Digital Library,"Digital Photo Essay" a visual survey of art activity in Toronto, and "the Designer With A Thousand Faces' views about the dismantling of the Typography trade in the digital revolution.

- Winter 1996

Featured in Issue#1 is a review of Evan Pennys solo exhibition at Wynick Tuck Gallery in Toronto, news about collective activity in Toronto from The Syndicate, Impure, YellowHat, etc. Views about the OAAG conference, and a piece on Art and Economics.