Year Zero One is pleased to present the source code for Norman White's interactive robotic project, The Helpless Robot.

The Helpless Robot is an artificial personality that responds to the behavior of humans by using its electronic voice which speaks a total of 512 phrases. The speech that is delivered depends on its present and past experience of "emotions" ranging from boredom, frustration, arrogance, and overstimulation.

Since 1987 The Helpless Robot has been exhibited in numerous galleries both in Canada and internationally. By sharing and publishing The Helpless Robot script, Norman White invites fellow creative individuals to collaborate on a software project aimed at: >> creating more powerful and varied simulations of an emotional entity. >> translating the code into Java or another web language, so as to create a net-based version of The Helpless Robot. This might involve re-writing parts of the existing Delphi code, or starting all over from scratch.

Norman White
started out as a painter, but in the late 60's, he taught himself electronics and began to create electrical machines in order to better model behavior, particularly that of living organisms. He has exhibited his electrical work widely in North America and Europe. In 1978, he helped to initiate, at the Ontario College of Art and Design a programme dedicated to teaching electronics, mechanics, and computer programming to artists. He teaches at OCAD to this day.
He now lives in Durham, Ontario.

The Helpless Robot Source Code

The Helpless Robot Artist Statement

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