Year Zero One is pleased to present Mario Battle No. 1.
Created by Myfanwy Ashmore, 2000.
Ashmore altered this NES ROM by removing all the enemies, prizes, architecture within the game. Now as a game player, all you can do is go for a walk. Eventually you run out of time and die. Users will need to download a NES emulator to play, if they don't already have one. Note: once you have the emulator running and the ROM loaded, press Enter to start the game. the right arrow key to go forward, the left arrow key to go backwards, Alt or X to jump.

Mario Battle No. 1: Download now
Download the Read Me file.

For PC: NESticle
For Mac: RockNES

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Tech notes:

This ROM will not work on G4 Titanium Powerbooks unless you use the "Graybox" emulator, and even then the sound is funky. Please read international laws around emulator and ROM distribution to protect yourself before you have played this game. Delete evidence after playing.


Myfanwy Ashmore studied at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, in 1990, graduated from the Sculpture-Installation department at the Ontario College of Art in 1996, and received her MFA from York University in 1998.

As well as being an exhibiting artist, currently she is a technician at the Ontario College of Art and Design in the Academic Computer Centre. As well, she is a mother of a wild child. She has received numerous grants as well as awards from various councils and artist run centres. Most recently she was nominated and short listed for the prestigous 2003 K.M. Hunter award through the Ontario Arts Council.

She is known for her controversial soma/somo project, a series of networked decaying grapefruits that communicate with the viewer and vice versa - which she received a grant for from the Canada Council for the Arts, which promptly ended up in debate in Parliament and inevitably the media, then across the newswires of the world. She has continued to make work that is difficult to distribute, that sometimes exists in an undefined space, or has not been exhibited until much later when there are appropriate venues.

The work entitled "mario battle no.1" was made in 2000, and is in keeping with this traditon, distributed with ROM and emulator on floppies across North America, generally outside the gallery system.

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