NomadLingo (2000) {documented in 2020} from David (Jhave) Johnston on Vimeo.

statement from David Jhave Johnston

Nomad Lingo was the first web-work I ever posted online. It was initially hosted by the early net-art site founded by friends Camille Turner and Michael Alstad who were gracious enough to offer me server space before I really knew what a server was or what compression meant. The previous year I had made a gif that was several hundred megabytes. NomadLingo was Flash-based and to commemorate the grave-yarding of the Flash plug-in,
any, I am releasing these screen grabs from the archive before it becomes impossible to play them. Apologies for the hyper-drive audio: all of it done by myself in some mania. Code adopted and adapted from some unknown source. Those were exciting times.