ETA tracks departing flights from Pearson International Airport. All airborne flights originating from YYZ are simultaneously represented. When a departed flight lands, a simulated descent at the destination airport appears on screen. Time and space collapse into a single view; the departure activity becomes a field of dynamic visuals connecting remote and local..
K.D. Thornton works with technologies: mechanical, electronic, biological and any others she might find interesting. Generally, her work addresses social issues, conditions or problems (consumerism, pharmaceuticalism, sexism, mortality, denial, and taxonomies), often targeting these structures through humour and subversion.
She has a BFA (honours) from the University of Manitoba and an MFA (Art + Technology) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her sculptural and installation works have been exhibited in Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States, as well as interactive works online, since 1994.