Transmedia 2000 [Year01 hosted Online Art Exhibit -- Made in year 2000 of course] {Intro page documentation} from David (Jhave) Johnston on Vimeo.

Transmedia 2000 was a three week exhibition of works by media artists shown on a large LED video billboard at the corner of Yonge and Eglinton streets in midtown Toronto - one of the first video billboards installed in the city. Each work exists as a fifteen-second clip exhibited on the billboard at intervals between commercial advertisements. Exhibited artists are Liu Wei, Lucinda Schreiber, Tanya Read, Rod Prouse, Kostya Mitenev, Louise McKissick, Willy LeMaitre and Eric Rosenzveig, Szabolcs Kisspal, Maya Khlobystina, Michelle Kasprzak, Jhave and Libby Hague. Curated by Michael Alstad + Camille Turner. The online exhibition was built in Flash - which is now obsolete - by David Jhave Johnson. These are screen grabs from the original web page.