+media art in public urban space+

curated by Michael Alstad and Michelle Kasprzak

May 1 - 31, 2006:

29th minute: Nelly-Ève Rajotte - 'Olla'
59th minute: Peter Eudenbach’s - 'Streetcorner Solitude (for Glenn Gould) '

Year Zero One is pleased to present TRANSMEDIA :29:59, a year long exhibition on the pedestrian level video billboard at Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. Launched August 1st 2005, TRANSMEDIA :29:59 features one minute video works 24/7 every half hour on the 29th and 59th minutes.

Featured for the month of May is Nelly-Ève Rajotte's 'Olla' and Peter Eudenbach 's 'Streetcorner Solitude (for Glenn Gould) '.

Nelly-Ève Rajotte's Olla incorporates imagery that is generally split or superimposed before melting again into another frame. The artist transforms the images, reducing them to their formal components and compressing them at times into horizontal bands. A play on form progressively stretches across the surface of the screen, allowing us to follow the modification of the images collated from reality by the artist. The original motif is at times indistinguishable by the eye, but retained by the memory.

Peter Eudenbach’s Streetcorner Solitude (for Glenn Gould) Is a silent homage to Glenn Gould, pianist, experimental musician, and hunter/gatherer of sound. This video collage is meant to coexist with the ambient sounds of Yonge-Dundas Square.


Peter Eudenbach uses sculpture, installation, video, and multiples to explore the history of ideas while playing with our expectations of the commonplace. His videos have been shown at the Rotunda Gallery, Ocularis, Rooftop Films, and the Tugboat Film Festival, all in Brooklyn, NY as well as the Future of Film Conference in Lisbon, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, and the Fringe Short Film Festival in Gøteberg, Sweden. Eudenbach lives and works in Norfolk, Virginia where he teaches sculpture and video at Old Dominion University.

Nelly-Ève Rajotte has been a member and administrator of Perte de Signal since 2003. She has a bachelorís degree in art history from UQAM, and obtained a second bachelors at UQAMís school of visual and media arts in 2000. She obtained her masterís degree in visual and media arts at l'École des Arts Visuels et Médiatiques de Montréal in 2006. Her work is oriented towards single-channel digital video, and video installations. She explores a sensory research aimed at reporting on an environment at once visual and audible. Her work has been displayed in Quebec (MUTEK, Darling Foundry, Parisian Laundry, Champ Libre, International Festival of Films on Art), as well as Germany, UK, Italy, Mexico, Spain and France. She is currently living and working in Montréal.

Year Zero One gratefully acknowledges the Ontario Arts Council,Yonge-Dundas Square and Clearchannel for their support of Transmedia :29:59.


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