media art in public urban space

Curated by Michael Alstad and Michelle Kasprzak

October 1 - 31th, 2005:

29th minute: Honeybyte - 'BLEURY'
59th minute: Risa Horowitz - 'STUDIOPACE'

Year Zero One is pleased to present TRANSMEDIA :29:59, a year long exhibition on the pedestrian level video billboard at Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. Launched August 1st 2005, TRANSMEDIA :29:59 features one minute video works 24/7 every half hour on the 29th and 59th minutes.

Featured for the month of October is Risa Horowitz's, 'Studiopace' and Honeybyte's, 'Bleury'.

Risa Horowitz's Studiopace is a 60 second video in honour of those thoughtful moments an artist has alone in studio, and the hustle and bustle of passersby at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto's downtown core. A bit of corresponding banality, of killing time, of getting somewhere on important business, of getting nowhere at all, and an homage to Bruce Nauman's old studio experiments conducted partially out of boredom and a love for absurd repetition.

thanks to Prefix Photo

Honeybyte's Bleury is a layering of two different video sequences, which juxtapose perceptions of the urban landscape and the innocent yet inquisitive eyes of children.
The first sequence keeps in mind the site-specific nature of the work. It documents a night at the intersection of Ste. Catherine and Bleury streets in Montreal, where the commercial and entertainment districts collide. The sequence captures the aesthetic of Montreal1s urban landscape. Lights, cars, billboards and people infuse the landscape and overwhelm the senses. The second sequence, which is layered over the first, is of school children in a garden looking deeply into the camera lens. Their gazes are filled with naivety, and yet seem to convey an energetic and mischievous curiosity


Risa Horowitz was born in Toronto in 1970 and has lived in 7 Canadian provinces. Her art practice centres on collecting and archiving. She is interested in language and communication, identity, and methods of amassing and interpreting large amounts of data. Risa has developed projects in database and archiving, photography and surveillance, daily ritual, and the use of language. These days, she is teaching herself how to paint and to play Schubert.

Horowitz has shown her work in Middlesborough, UK,online at and at, and at Canadian galleries such as Plug In ICA, The Mendel Art Gallery, the Sadie Bronfman Centre, and Neutral Ground. Most recently she attended the Sound + Vision Thematic Residency at The Banff Centre. She is also a writer, curator and educator, having published critical art reviews for Canadian journals, curated exhibitions, and taught university studio art.

Leah Lazariuk & Pierluigi Vecchi
(honeybyte) met at Concordia University in 1996 while they were both finishing their Fine Arts degrees. They have been collaborating on various projects ever since, but it was only in 1999 that the idea for Honeybyte took off.

Pleasure, identity, and transformation are inherent in their work. A sense of playfulness permeates, and draws attention to the relativity of human experience. Honeybyte currently resides in Montreal, and London, England, were they have shown in art galleries and film festivals.

Leah Lazariuk is a multimedia artist, a storyteller and a singer. She has shown internationally and is a pioneer of Canadian female web art.

Pierluigi Vecchi is a painter and a multimedia artist. He puts his talents to work as a VJ and is a resident at Circus afterhours, Parking club and SAT in Montreal.

Year Zero One gratefully acknowledges the Ontario Arts Council,Yonge-Dundas Square and Clearchannel for their support of Transmedia :29:59.

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